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What is hydrogen energy?

Hydrogen is high in energy, yet an engine that burns pure hydrogen produces almost no pollution.A fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, heat, and water.Fuel cells are often compared to batteries.However, the fuel cell will produce electricity as long as fuel (hydrogen) is supplied, never losing its charge.Fuel cells are a promising technology for use as a source of heat and electricity for buildings, and as an electrical power source for electric motors propelling vehicles.

Discovery and use


The first hydrogen-filled balloon was invented by Jacques Charles


The D"obereiner's lamp and limelight were invented


Hydrogen was liquefied for the first time by James Dewar by using regenerative cooling and his invention, the vacuum flask.


The nickel hydrogen battery was used for the first time aboard the US Navy's Navigation technology satellite-2 (NTS-2).

Hydrogen vehicle

Usually we burn wood and use its energy for heating. Burning, however, is not the only way to convert biomass energy into a usable energy source. There are four ways:


Many automobile companies are currently researching the feasibility of commercially producing hydrogen cars, and some have introduced demonstration models in limited numbers


Fuel cell buses (as opposed to hydrogen fueled buses) are being trialed by several manufacturers in different locations.


Pearl Hydrogen Power Sources of Shanghai, China, unveiled a hydrogen bicycle at the 9th China International Exhibition on Gas Technology, Equipment and Applications in 2007.


Companies such as Boeing , Lange Aviation , and the German Aerospace Center pursue hydrogen as fuel for manned and unmanned airplanes.


Many large rockets use liquid hydrogen as fuel, with liquid oxygen as an oxidizer.

Fork trucks

A HICE forklift or HICE lift truck is a hydrogen fueled, internal combustion engine powered industrial forklift truck used for lifting and transporting materials.